Constructed from trunks of coniferous trees, four star luxury Hotel NoNameLuxury & SPA located in the oasis of peace, immersed in the natural green of the surroundings of the National Park.

The main feature is brightness of space, minimalism and in some aspects futurism of structures seemingly in the classic style interchanged with 9 metre picture windows. An interesting alternative for more traditional mountain structures. Landform features made it necessary to divide the facility into 5 separate elements: Hotel, Spa, Restaurant and 2 villas. All the buildings were connected with glass corridors which make the entire construction even more extraordinary.

Location of the facilities ensures that every room has the perfect natural lighting. Natural colours of wood and stone in subdued colours create luxury and friendly atmosphere.

Hotel collects works of Alessandro de Stefano, an art designer.

The Malopolskie Voivodship - Not only puff pastries with cream

"You can’t say you know Poland if you haven’t visited the Malopolskie Voivodship. The former capital of our country, Krakow, is situated here. And to the south, the Tatry - the highest mountains with 5 places in Malopolska on the UNESCO World Heritage List!

The Voivodship on the southern border of Poland occupies a territory between Silesia, Swietokrzyskie and the Podkarpackie Voivodships. To the south it borders with Slovakia.

Krakow, the capital of the Voivodship is the former capital of Poland and the seat of former kings. Its greatness has its roots in the city’s history. Visitors are enchanted by the Wawel, the royal castle and Cathedral. The former Jewish quarter, Kazimierz has the charm of Montmatre in Paris and the endless, grey apartment blocks in the communist-built Nowa Huta have a climate taken straight from Orwell’s, ‘1984’.

The Malopolska region is also home to the Polish Pope, John Paul II. Wadowice, his hometown, is visited by thousands of pilgrims who queue in the confectioneries to buy puff pastry with cream cakes – the favourite cake of the Pope. Apparently the demand for sweet things from Wadowice is so great that often they have to be brought in from Krakow.

Nature in Malopolska is very diversified. There are the Tatry Mountains, the only Alpine mountains in the south of Poland. Further to the east, the Beskidy, gentle hills are covered with forests, and the rocky country with rafting on the Dunajec River in the limestone Pieniny Mountains are a great delight for those visiting the area. The limestone crags, canyons and caves are the main attractions of the Krakowsko-Czestochowska Highlands.

The climate of Malopolska and the mineral springs aid greatly in the treatment of numerous ailments. Visitors can go down into the salt mine in Bochnia and Wieliczka which is the oldest Polish salt mine. In Oswiecim, the Museum in the Nazi concentration camp reminds us of the million or more people, mostly Jews, who were murdered here. The museum is now on the UNESCO World Heritage list.

Tradition is highly valued in the region. Passion Plays are performed during Easter in Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. Carol singers sing in churches during Christmas and Corpus Christi, and the Lajkonik gallops around in the Main Market Square in Krakow. Every December there is also a competition for the best crib of the year."

Source: Polish Tourist Organisation

Design of 18 rooms and private houses, which constitute the complex, is very refined. They were furnished with exceptional care for every detail, from wooden bathtubs through luxury bed coverings made from true linen to superb views ensured by hotel’s location. All rooms have balconies and/or private gardens. Neutral colours and minimalist shapes of rooms of NoNameLuxuryHotel & Spa create an oasis of pleasure and peace.

The apartments are located in private villas of NoNameLuxuryHotel&Spa to offer our customers more privacy. Apartments on the ground floor have a private garden with the view on the hotel Zen garden and 120 metre terrace where it is possible to take sunbaths or eat candlelit dinner in the complete privacy. The apartment on the first floor has a private entrance, two balconies, all advantages of independence and
of course a beautiful view on the nearby valleys.

Combination of minimalism, modern and classic art constitute the design of 3 Junior Suites of NonameLuxuryHotel & Spa. Unique works of art designed by Alessandro de Stefano excellently match the minimalist design of interiors. Apartments on the ground floor have a private garden with the view on the valley. Apartments on the highest floors have spacious balconies where it is possible to enjoy a cup of tea or take a sunbath in total privacy.

Pokój 2-osobowy 690,00
Studio 890,00
Apartament 1.100,00

W cenie pokoju:

  • Śniadanie
  • Korzystanie z Medical Beauty & SPA
  • Nieograniczony dostęp do internetu
  • Strzeżony parking

The entire structure is centred around Medical & Beauty Spa, where there is Beauty room, Sauna, Turkish bath, Yoga room, Gym, Relaxation room and Swimming pool available for the guests. In the Spa, wholly made of wood, one can benefit from treatments such as various types of massages, wine therapy, mud baths, non-invasive aesthetic surgery, light therapy, music therapy, sessions in a salt cave or infrared sauna.
The main purpose of establishing the complex was to enable guests to achieve the perfect balance of good health, body and spirit. It offers a full range of services and health treatments: beauty, relaxing and improving fitness, while interiors furnished with the natural materials like wood, stone and glass ensure the sensation of warmth and

An elegant restaurant with a beautiful view on the nearby valley, design of natural wood colours in combination with linen offers its customers classic atmosphere and privacy. The Italian cuisine with a reference to biologic revival and detox food.

In WineBar neighbouring with hotel’s Lobby it is possible, after an active day full of treatments, drink a glass of good wine comfortably relaxing on couches in a drawing room or terrace.

Wine&Cigar Lounge room offers tasting of the most significant cigars in the world from Cohib to Monte Cristo, from Romeo and Juliet to Partagas. Each cigar has its own taste. Similarly, everyone has his or her own palate; wine tasting, a seemingly simple, act allows to feel wonderful new sensations of their palate.


ul. Leśna 46, 34-442 Łapsze Niżne Poland

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