A charming rural residence lost in the surrounding landscape.

In the past days, Kamieniec Palace owed its fame to the extensive farm land and orchards, the produce from which fed the tables of guesthouses and spas in nearby spa towns. Currently, the former farmyard is the charming North Garden – an ideal place to relax. Check out what the historic outbuildings have to offer.

The small palace garden in Kamieniec has its origins in the late eighteenth century. It flourished in the nineteenth century, and has always been a private oasis for the palace’s residents; a place where winding paths revealed beautiful views, blooming roses and rhododendrons and a picturesque tea pavilion. All this made the Kamieniec garden a small Eden and an oasis of peace. One hundred years since its largest redesign, guests can again enjoy the palace garden’s beautiful shrubs and trees growing in exactly the same places where the count's gardener planted them.

The Kamieniec Palace garden is not only a vantage point from which you can admire the landscape of the Kłodzko Valley and the mountain ranges. It is also a refuge for palace visitors, who can enjoy open-air games or the taste of raspberries and blackberries harvested straight from the bushes.

The palace chambers have been restored with great attention to detail. Arranged in the sober style of Swedish King Gustav III, they foster relaxation in a truly home-like atmosphere. The central rooms of the palace, the Cabinet Room, Dining Room and the Library, are arranged as a suite of connecting rooms.

Bathed in the glow of crystal chandeliers and candelabra, the Cabinet Room, in keeping with the tradition of Kamieniec Palace, is a place for meetings and sumptuous meals. The dining room is lit by the morning sun conducive to a good beginning of the day. The Library at the end of the suite of rooms is a small room where you can dine or lose yourself in a book from the palace library or study old maps of the former Kłodzko County.

Moving around the floors of the palace is possible thanks to a wide staircase with reconstructed oak stairs. From the lobby of the first floor filled with unique wall decorations we can go straight to three bedrooms, including the Master Bedroom. The lobby of the second floor of the palace provides access to seven equally cosy rooms the windows of which overlook various parts of the Kamieniec residence and the whole of the Kłodzko Valley.

Ten unique rooms. Which one will you choose this time?

Apartment No.1
Located in the heart of the palace, it is ideal for both couples and single travellers who value comfort and convenience. Wide spruce planks on the floor, a large bed hidden under a pile of fluffy duvets and pillows and an airy canopy evoke the memory of the bedroom of the castle’s previous masters.
The living area features a comfortable sofa and chairs from which you can admire the garden and distant mountain ranges.
The bathroom decor emphasises the importance of the room. The stylish Bath supported by lion's paws is bathed in the flickering light of a historic lantern framed in an airy canopy.

Room No.2

A room with a cosy interior bathed in shades of mint. Its walls are adorned with women's portraits, including the Duchess de Polignac.
The room’s large windows overlook directly onto the palace landscaped garden and rose beds. In the morning, the chirping of birds and the endless theatre of the winged inhabitants of the palace garden will gently wake you up. Despite being south facing, the crown of a large oak tree protects the room against strong sunlight.

Room No.3

Room number 3, once the count’s study, offers excellent views of the Northern Garden. It is here that the most important decisions were taken regarding the management of the Kamieniec property.
In the morning, your attention will be drawn to the brick facade of the palace barn reddening in the rising sun. You will have the choice of whether to enjoy the fresh bread and homemade jam served to your bed, or whether to take in the view of Mount Hermann towering in the distance.

Apartment No.4

The decor of the apartment is sure to please those who appreciate the combination of modernity and tradition. Already at the threshold you will be surprised by the glass bathroom, through which streaks of light fall into the apartment.
If you have ever dreamed of staying in a room with a tower, then this apartment is for you. In the bay you can read a book, and take a break to admire the view of the palace herb garden and the distant Bardo mountains.
It is also the only apartment with its own balcony, from which you can admire the grounds of ​the former farm and the Northern Garden.

Room No.5
This room is spacious and therefore ideal for families with children. Historic spruce planks on the floor add to its cosiness. Located in the nineteenth-century wing of the palace, the view from the room opens out onto the former Swiss Cottage and the extensive orchard behind it, once famous throughout the Kłodzko Valley. In the background you will see distant mountain ranges.
Inside, we have contrasted the subdued colours with blue and dark blue touches. The creaking floor and cosy fireplace make it a pleasure to be here and relax.

Room No.6
Room number six is ​​small and very cosy. The east-facing window provides not only a morning dose of sunlight, but also stunning views of the Śnieżnik mountain range, while at dusk you can see the sparkling lights of Kłodzko. Old musical notes adorn the walls. This decoration immediately came to our mind, because what other way can you start the day in such a sunny room than by song?

Room No.7
It's the perfect room for a family or group of friends. Its decor reveals the palace’s historical engineering secrets. The refurbished supporting structure of the palace’s mansard roof pleases the eye with the warm colour and texture of aged wood. The spacious interior opens out onto a view of the former palace gardens with the picturesque ruin of the Gardener's House and the historic orchard in the background.

Room No.8
Room No. 8, similar to apartment No. 1, is located on the main axis of the Kamieniec residence. From its three windows you can admire the palace garden, the nearby hills and the distant mountain ranges, including the Śnieżnik range.
The southerly aspect means that the room is bathed in natural sunlight.
The high interior reaches the top of the palace roof.

Room No.9
Room No. 9 is a kind of mirror image of room 7. Your attention is immediately drawn to the exposed wooden mansard roof support structure. Through the window you will have range of charming birds as neighbours. A family of robins live there, who will happily greet you each spring morning.
It is a spacious room with bedroom annexes and a seating area. The spacious bathroom completes the comfort.

Room No.10

It's one of several corner rooms in the palace. The intimate and cosy interior has a surprise in the form of the exposed mansard roof structure. Lovers of fauna will like the nineteenth-century engravings depicting various animals. The window offers a view of both the Northern Garden and the former farm with Mount Hermann towering in the background.



Room Twin 3, 6, 10 for 2 pers. from 259,-
Room Twin 3, 6, 10 for 1 pers. from 209,-

Double Roomy/Room Twin Deluxe view of the mountains
Double Room/Room Twin Superior view of the mountains
Familyroom Deluxe

for 4 pers. ( room 5) from 479,-
for 3 pers. ( room 5,7,8,9) from 379,-
for 2 pers.  (room 2,5,7,8,9) from 279,-
for 1 pers. (room 2,5,7,8,9) from 229,-

Apartement Deluxe Suite with king-size bed
for 2 pers. from 379,-

Double room Deluxe with a balcony
for 2 pers. from 339,-
for 1 pers from 289,-

Daily rates in Polish Zloty (PLN). Rates are per room, per night.

Delicious breakfast
Your first steps in the morning will take you to the dining hall, where the palace sideboards are loaded with delicious quiches, freshly baked palace bread and refreshing cold soup. There are also vegetable and fruit cocktails and aromatic coffee and tea. For those with a sweet tooth, freshly baked cakes and pastries and homemade jams and delicacies are available.
You can also order freshly cooked scrambled eggs with a variety of additions or French toast.
Everything is served in buffet form.
A coffee buffet is available for guests from 11:00.

Favorite Cafe

The palace cafe is open daily from 12:00 to 20:00. You can drink freshly roasted coffee in the relaxation hall or on the panoramic terrace with comfortable couches and tables.

The cafe serves delicious tarts, iced coffee, homemade pastries and refreshing lemonade with mint from the palace garden as well as freshly squeezed juices.
Everything in the fairytale scenery of the Kłodzko Valley, surrounded by mountain ranges.
Learn about the captivating history of Kamieniec Palace.

Meals in the palace

The palace kitchen offers breakfast included in the room price, as well as lunch and dinner served on request for all those who love Polish cuisine. We get our inspiration from old regional and traditional recipes. The menu is created based on seasonal products, so each week you will find different flavours on it.


A unique place for unforgettable occasions
Kamieniec Palace, thanks to its cosy, home-like atmosphere, offers the ideal conditions for organising family celebrations such as weddings, birthdays, name days and wedding anniversaries. Excellent cuisine, stylish interiors, a fabulous garden and breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape mean that the moments spent here will remain in memory for a long time. The whole palace is available to our guests so that the celebration has an even more personal character.

Business meetings
Business meetings in an unexpected venue with discrete service is our speciality. Guests can discuss business for hours in our Cabinet Room while enjoying delicious coffee and palace pastries and from time to time look out onto captivating landscape park outside the window. Each of our unique apartments can become your own private office, dozens and even hundreds of miles away from your regular office.

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